Artists Wanted to Help Finish TDLF!

Happy October! It's time for another update on The Dragon's Last Flight. :)

So as was foreshadowed in updates past, Odd Lazdo and I are going to need a bit of help to finish this game. specifically, we need some extra artists on deck to complete the missing art assets needed to tell this story properly.

EDIT 11/16/21: We have found another artist to help out and are not seeking more help at this time. Thank you to everyone who applied, and to everyone else who helped spread the word! :)

Character Sprite and Backdrop Artists Wanted

The cast of The Dragon's Last Flight extends beyond just Tashka and Marius. While we should be good on sprites for Marius and our dragon, we'll need some more portraits for three other characters who didn't appear in the demo. These will be 3/4 body portraits (so, from the calves up).

We'll also need some more backgrounds as Marius and Tashka venture beyond the cave and the forest of the demo, including both interior and exterior spaces.

What We're Looking For

The style should match the art you saw in the demo, with a storybook/fairytale feel and somewhat sketchy, artsy backgrounds. (The character sprites, of course, still need to be nice and crisply lined; see Marius's player sprite in the attached screenshots for an idea of what we're looking for.)

The world of The Dragon's Last Flight is a European Medieval-esque fantasy world set in a mountainous, forested region similar to the Appalachian region in the US. The backgrounds we'll need largely include interior and exterior spaces in a smallish town. The characters include another dragonslayer who will be wearing similar armor to Marius,  and female characters wearing kirtles and the like.

If/when you join the team, I'll have a much more detailed asset list available, complete with descriptions pulled from the script as well as directional notes for each and every asset we need to complete the game.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

If you're an artist and you'd like to help out (in ANY capacity), please email me at with the words "TDLF ARTIST" in the subject line. Please include the following info in the body of your email:

  • Your name (this will be used in the game credits if you join the team)
  • What you'd like to help out with (sprites, backgrounds, both)
  • A few examples of your work (bonus points for work in the fantasy genre); feel free to link to a portfolio or games you've made, or attach a few samples if you don't have anything published
  • Your desired rate (volunteers strongly encouraged, but we're open to paying on a freelance basis as well)

We're open to applications from now until further notice. I'll be sure to update this post the moment we decide we're ready to close out this opportunity.

Commenting will also be enabled on this post if you have any questions you'd like answered prior to contacting me directly via email.

If you are NOT an artist but would still like to help, any and all of the following actions would be helpful in the extreme:

  • Share this post with anyone and everyone who might be interested in applying!
  • Donate (if you can afford it, and haven't already done so) on the main game page or via my kofi profile!
  • Keep spreading the good word about the game in general to keep folks interested and to get new fans on board!
  • Follow me on itch for updates and/or add TDLF to one of your game collections

Thank you again to everyone who has shown support and/or helped out in some way throughout this long and winding journey. TDLF isn't quite finished yet, but we WILL get there, and I am SO looking forward to sharing the finished game with you when we do! Till then, may your skies be clear and the wind be at your back. :)

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