Devlog #6: Expanding Horizons / HELP WANTED! :)

Hello, friends! It's been a while. And, because of the way 2020 seems to distort time, space, and the fabric of reality itself, it probably feels like even longer than it has been—which is saying something!

Following my last update, progress ground to a near-halt for a time due to a variety of reasons, some personal, none of which I will go into depth about. You can chalk just about all of it up to the dumpster fire that 2020 has generally been for us all.

However, the good news is this: WE ARE BACK IN ACTION.

Editing and revising have resumed, sketching has recommenced, and more exciting yet, we are (slowly) expanding our team. TDLF turned out to be a far bigger project than either I or Odd Lazdo ever anticipated, so it only makes sense to reach out for a little extra support in wrapping it up!

Want to help out?

We are currently seeking only volunteer alpha and beta readers (and, for much farther down the line, beta testers). This is an unpaid position, but you will forever have our gratitude and will, if you allow it, be immortalized in the "Special Thanks" section of our game's credits under whatever name you prefer. And, bonus, you get to read the ending(s) before anybody else!

If you would like to volunteer yourself as tribute, please contact me using this email form on my website or shoot me a message on FB. If you're on the DevTalk itchio Discord server, you may already have seen the job-request post—if so, feel free to follow the instructions there instead.

And if you're an artist or other creative type interested in helping—not necessarily on a volunteer basis—keep an eye out for more updates. Chances are we'll be looking for some more artists, and possibly others, in the near future.

Here's to progress, however big or small, and to finally giving Marius and Tashka the story they deserve. :)

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