Devlog #8: A is for Alpha :)

No, don't get your hopes up too high—I won't be sharing an alpha version of the game on here. Let's just say it's a really rough cut and leave it at that. :P

BUT... as of last night, I've finished initial coding for The Dragon's Last Flight. :D

So there's an alpha of TDLF? Now what?

Yes, there is a (technically playable but not share-worthy) version of TDLF that exists now in the world. It is a thing, one I did not expect to happen so soon because I am spinning several plates and didn't expect them to arrange themselves in such a way as to allow me to work on TDLF again so soon, but it seems dragons, uh... find a way. ;)

What comes next is testing, lots and lots of testing. I've run it through the obvious checks already (like Lint) but haven't tested most of the game myself yet. That will have to come later, because some of those other plates I mentioned are now demanding immediate attention again. But this is a HUGE step forward for this project, and I'm so excited to share this news with you all!

And then...?

One of the reasons why the alpha isn't share-able (other than my own determination not to release a less-than-complete game) is that we don't have all the art assets yet... and because this project has grown so much bigger than either Odd Lazdo or I expected when we initially began working on it, we're going to need some help! I'm not ready to take applications just yet, but if you're an artist (or know one) who can confidently claim to be able to play matchy-match with the game's existing style (see the thumbnails on the main game page!), keep a weather eye open, because we'll be putting out that call sometime during the next phase of development.

So when's TDLF coming out?

I don't know yet! I'm sorry! ;_; But be assured, the MINUTE we have an official release date, y'all will be the first to know.

Thank you once again, as always, for your continued support and attention. This has been a long road, and not always an easy one, but it's one I'm grateful to still be walking, and I appreciate having such pleasant company along the way. Take care!

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