Quick Update Regarding Beta Reading/Testing

Hi friends!

Things have been pretty busy around here, and while progress is still slow, it IS still being made. So I figured it was time for an update--albeit a bit of an abridged one.

In our last post, we called for beta readers. Thank you to everyone who showed interest, but we no longer need readers at this time. HOWEVER...

If you are interested in beta testing when the time comes, please let us know! If you would like to be notified when the beta testing phase begins, please contact me using this email form on my website or shoot me a message on FB. Keep in mind that you can always change your mind later; this is just to let us know that you'd be interested IF you are available when testing actually begins (date TBD).

I am so excited to see how this project is evolving and I am as grateful as ever for all the lovely support we've had as we've continued this creative journey.

Here's to hopefully making LOTS of progress in 2021. Looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as possible! :)

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