Devlog #2: Beta Testers Wanted!

Excellent progress has been made on chiaroscuro... even in spite of my house flooding every other day and a million other stressors that have truly made 2021 feel like the "revenge" type sequel to 2020.

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of how far along this project is, and how quickly it got here.

status update / sneak peek

The script has been beta read and finalized, and initial programming is complete.

Because this game is text-based, that means we're basically ready to beta test this baby.

To celebrate, here's a small taste of what you can expect from this game (don't worry, no spoilers here):

The creatures stand tall; they would be taller than a grave is deep if they stood up straight. Instead, they hunch over, bent and broken-seeming, like trees after a storm. The dark one is all living shadow and impenetrable void; looking at it feels like prodding a deep, forgotten wound that never fully healed. The bright one glows dimly, almost flickering at times, like a dying flashlight.
—Kim Berkley, 'chiaroscuro'

Intrigued? I hope so.

calling all beta testers!

If you're interested in helping out with this project (and basically getting early access), I will be sending out beta copies to interested parties starting October 1, 2021, with a feedback deadline of October 31, 2021.

To sign up, just fill out the contact form here (and please make sure to include the word "chiaroscuro" somewhere in your message, so I'll know what game you're signing up to test!). I will be accepting beta tester signups for chiaroscuro now through October 24, a week before the feedback deadline.

You can also use that contact form to ask any questions you may have about chiaroscuro, or you can comment directly on this post.

If you're not interested in beta testing right now, another easy way to help out is to share the link to this post or to the main game page as often as you can, wherever you feel comfortable doing so. Simply spreading the word is a huge help!

Thank you in advance to anyone who signs up, and to everyone who has supported this project so far. Your help is appreciated more than you know. :)

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